31.10.2016 08:37 Age: 1 year

Development Good Business Awards

The Minister of Economic Planning and the Director General of the National Planning Commission, Hon Tom Alweendo was the keynote speaker at the Good Business Awards last week hosted by Development Bank of Namibia.

During his speech the Hon Alweendo applauded Namibians for demonstrating that we are a Nation that can be the master of their destiny.  He characterised development in 3 categories, the first one is “invest in our people’s education and health. He also commended the Namibian house for having the highest budget relocation for health and education in SADC. The second is, “the nurturing of a society” the third one is, “Investing in our economic development.

The Minister went onto say that in no way is he trying to say that we have reached the pinnacle of our potential, but on the contrary reminded the room full of entrepreneurs and investors that we still have some challenges.

One of the biggest challenges for a developing country like ours is the unemployment rate and as a result he thanked the entrepreneurs for assisting the government by creating employment opportunities and for fostering economic development. He stressed that economic development will not become a reality without entrepreneurship.

In closing the Minister reminded those present that our achievements serve to remind us that we are capable of doing more. “We still have a journey ahead of us, an expedition where we have many things to do, said the Minister.

The winner for the innovation award was Sandra Mwhiihangele, owner of  Kiyomisandz Beauty Products won the Innovation Award. The company is a registered cosmetic and toiletry manufacturer, founded in April 2015 by Mwhiihangele.