08.02.2018 14:41 Age: 10 days

City of Windhoek water remains 100% fit for human consumption

The City of Windhoek strongly condemns the author and circulation of a social media message alleging that the City’s potable water is not fit for human consumption.

The content of that message is detrimental to the good repute the City enjoys as a global trend setter in water reuse and overall water management, and risks causing panic among our residents. The water of the City of Windhoek under goes rigorous scientific testing and meets all international water standards.

Hence, the City of Windhoek hereby assures the residents of our City and visitors alike, that our water quality is fit for human consumption and is not infected with disease-causing micro-organisms such as cholera and those alluded to in the message being circulated on social media platforms. The public should ignore the message as it contains untruthful information with the intention to cause harm to the good international renowned repute of Windhoek’s water management achieved over many years through innovation, precision engineering, infrastructural development, and hard work by the men and women in the city’s water resource management.

The City derives its potable water from three main sources, namely: water from the bulk supplier NamWater, reclaimed water and from an underground aquifer. Rigorous water sampling and testing is done daily by the City’s team of qualified scientists in various disciplines ensuring that the City has safe clean water for human consumption, including amongst other disciplines, Microbiology, centred at the City’s laboratory. Water samples are collected at all key reservoirs as well as consumer points within the City so as to ensure that the water quality within the potable water network is at all times at internationally accepted standards.

The public should refrain from circulating this misleading message further. If you know the origin of this message, please inform the Police. City Police is reachable on its toll-free number: 302 302 or send a text message to 4444.