12.10.2017 11:40 Age: 129 days

BoN and Namibia University of Science and Technology are signing a Memorandum of Understanding

BoN and Namibia University of Science and Technology are signing a Memorandum of Understanding in which both institutions will facilitate internship placements.

"We are about to embark on a journey of a thousand miles with this single step," added the Deputy Governor, Ebson Uanguta. "As you know, knowledge is becoming increasingly important. In my view more important in wealth creation than the natural resources endowment. We need to ask ourselves, are we supporting and equipping resources and relevant curricula the entire education value chain appropriately? Are we producing quality graduates from the pipeline to feed higher education institutions? Do our students have the necessary guidance to be able to make up their minds what they want to become? At BoN we are not merely asking ourselves rhetorical questions. We are mindful of our responsibility to provide solid advice. Not in the least policymakers and other interested parties. As an employee we are cognizant and attracting talent is a key factor for our success

BoN and Namfisa recently undertook a study titled, "Building a High-Skilled Workforce in the Namibian Financial Sector”.

Some of the key skills highlighted by the study are specialist mathematical, quantitative and investment expertise, data analysis and IT among others. The report concluded that the collaboration between industry and institution of higher learning needs to be enhanced. In order for the education sector to train relevant skills for the market. We need to utilize working practitioners and alumni in curriculum development. The Bank has recognized that our fortune and success is inextricably linked to the quality human capital about disposal. This is why we invest in our bursary scheme and the Graduate Accelerated Programme and now this agreement. The internship programme that we are signing off today is a culmination of efforts to draw industry closer to the academic experiences."

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academics Namibia University of Science and Technology, Dr Andrew Niikondo thanked BoN for partnering with the university, adding that this would not be the first time both institutions are partnering as earlier this year BoN awarded 5 bursaries to NUST students. "The Work Integrated Learning programme is an integral part of building students skills in the workplace".

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