31.08.2017 12:51 Age: 171 days

O&L Celebrating Outstanding Employees

The 13th Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group Annual Value Star Award ceremony that celebrates employees’ contribution to the O&L purpose and values was held recently at the Windhoek Country Club Resort & Casino, and will once again see the overall winners embark on an all-expenses-paid edutain trip later this year.

The 2017 Value Star Award ceremony (celebrating outstanding employees over the period July 2016 to June 2017) saw individuals from the various operating companies under the O&L Group being rewarded for their hard work, commitment and efforts to their respective operating companies within the Group.

The overall winners of the O&L 2017 Value Star Awards are: Herman Katjinaani (Broll Namibia); Warren de Jager (Dimension Data); Francois De Wit (Hangana Seafood); Landine “Blondie” Ikorua (Kraatz Marine); Vekondja Uamburu (NBL); Morne Reinhardt (Namibia Dairies); Dina Petrus (O&L Centre); Bernard Sibuku (O&L Leisure);

Riaan Steenkamp (Pick ‘n Pay).

Herman Katjinaani: “As a proud O&L ambassador, I am very humbled and grateful at this wonderful recognition that has been bestowed upon me. O&L is definitely a great place to work for and this just further inspires me to contribute to our purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life” and make a difference in not only the lives of my family but my community and country as a whole. I am excited to join the rest of my fellow value stars on this once-in-a-lifetime trip! Certainly this doesn’t happen every day, and it is only companies like O&L who through its great leadership, values and appreciates its employees. Thank you O&L!”

Dina Petrus was clearly one of the most surprised when her name was called as the overall winner for O&L Centre. Petrus: “I know it sounds cliché when someone says that they didn’t expect to win, but I was really shocked when I was announced as the overall Value Star winner for O&L Center. I was overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions but definitely appreciation was one of them. This is really an amazing feeling and achievement for me. I am honored to be working for a company that appreciates, values and takes care of its people, therefore truly living by its purpose of Creating a Future and Enhancing Life.”

Speaking at the Value Star Awards ceremony, O&L Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme stated that customer service; the right product at the right time; consistent delivery; open, honest and transparent business dealings; adapting to changing times, and happy, dedicated and engaged employees are some of the factors that contribute towards the success of a company. Thieme: “We know that the relationship between employer and employee has changed dramatically over the years – from a sort of slavery mentality 100 years ago to today where employees are actively involved in the running of companies. Employees have a say and are encouraged to give their insight and input while being recognized and rewarded for taking that extra step on a consistent basis.”

The O&L Values, according to Thieme is the backbone, driving force and huge contributor to the culture of honesty, integrity and transparency within the group. Thieme: “It is very important for us to be aware of the changes driven by technological advances and to adapt to them to survive in an ever-changing world, while at the same time keeping our employees happy, healthy, fulfilled and educated. I am confident in saying that O&L has thus far been doing a fairly good job of keeping up with trends and listening and learning from employees. The exciting aspect about all the above is that our employees and indeed our Value Stars are part and parcel of driving and experiencing these dramatic changes.”

Overall winners of this year’s Value Star Awards will enjoy a complimentary “edutain” (a combination of an education and entertainment) adventure holiday to the Botswana capital, Gaborone and the majestic Chobe Water Villas – part of the O&L leisure portfolio - at the Eastern Caprivi Strip from 01 to 06 October 2017.