20.02.2018 08:15 Age: 30 days

NamPower makes progress in biomass field

Ogone Tlhage - NamPower is confident that biomass power stations will start feeding the national grid in due course.

The power utility has in the past identified six potential sites for the construction of its first 20MW biomass power station.

A final decision will still have to be taken on the preferred site on which to build the plant.

NamPower also did not indicate any definitive timelines for the construction of the biomass plant and said considerable progress has been made in terms of the project.

The power utility said it had also completed an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study, while a scoping report is currently available for public review, which it released on 6 February 2018.

“The EIA study, which was launched during the first quarter of 2016, has progressed well. The first phase of this study entails a scoping report of six potential sites across Namibia. This draft scoping report was released for public review on 6 February. 

According to the parastatal, the public will be allowed a 30-day review period, after which the comments and suggestions will be addressed and duly incorporated into the final scoping report. This final scoping report will then be formally submitted to the relevant competent authorities for review and final recommendation to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET).


In December 2017, NamPower, together with its techno-economic advisor, finalised the first phase of the feasibility study.

“The key outcome of phase 1 of the feasibility study was the overall project definition. This definition, which we are pleased to announce, is a Grate-fired biomass boiler situated in the Otjikoto Region,” NamPower said.

According to the company, the second phase of the techno-economic study kicked off in early January this year. The study entails the development of the design basis and compilation of the technical specification and bidding documents required to procure the biomass power plant.

“Pending final approval within the governance structures, these documents will be utilised to procure the biomass power plant on an engineering procurement contract basis,” NamPower said.

It also said that it had collaborated with the GIZ and the Namibia-Biomass Industry Group, in order to embark on a macroeconomic study, which is required to analyse and further quantify the impact and benefits of the Encroacher Bush Biomass Power Project to Namibia, and the Otjikoto region as a whole.

“There are many smaller project development activates that are occurring behind the scenes, which have not been reported here. However, we are enthusiastic and hopeful that this beneficial project will be realised in the imminent future,” said NamPower.