05.12.2017 13:47 Age: 107 days

Allan Gray celebrates 21 years

Allan Gray recently celebrated their 21 years of operations in Namibia at a party event held in Windhoek.

Allan Gray Namibia's managing director, James Mnyupe, said at the event they have come a long way and today, the company has a fully fledged retail business.

He said they decided they want to play a critical role not in a selected group any more but in the lives of average Namibians.

“In the past, you needed N$5 million to invest with Allan Gray. But today, you can invest as little as N$500 a month,” he said.

“It is all about communicating with the ordinary man in the street,” he added.

Although Allan Gray, which originates from South Africa and started the Namibian company in 1996, says it has started managing money for Namibians in 1984, and in the process managed to generate a long-term track record in Namibia.

Allan Gray Namibia's board chairperson, Robert Dower, said their value for people will continue and has always been as they are based on people's savings and they have to look after those savings.

He said that they are currently managing billions of dollars in savings in Namibia.

Another important aspect to Allan Gray was its Foundation component through which it provides funding to education. The Foundation also holds a 10% employee empowerment trust scheme. 

"In other words, N$1 million invested with Allan Gray Namibia in 1984 would have grown to N$348.5 million today, versus N$142.8 million for the average investment manager. Actually, this is exactly what one of our clients did we are happy to serve that client till this day," Mnyupe said.